Casting Specifications & Iron Process

Modern Iron Processing

A state-of-the-art electric melt system produces various grades of ductile and gray irons. Computerized thermal analysis performed on each molten batch insures consistent metallurgical quality. Both semi-automatic green sand and air-set systems produce molds to make parts of diverse configuration from 1 to 2400 pounds. Castings then proceed through an up-to-date blast cleaning and finishing department before being prepared for shipment.

Cutting-edge Flow and Solidification Simulation Software

Casting simulation is a new technology that allows us to design your casting process on the computer, before investing costly time and resources in the trial-and-error methods of the past. Using simulation, we import 3D models into our system to simulate the pouring, solidification and shrinkage formation process. Using the information that is generated, we fine-tune the design to produce the best casting possible, at the lowest cost to you.


HOE implements an ISO-compatible quality management system into all facets of casting production- from quality assurance of incoming raw materials to pre-shipment inspections. The HOE quality system is customized to specifically serve the needs of each customer.

J. R. HOE iron castings are sustainable products. They are produced in KENTUCKY/USA and contain over 80% recycled content. Thousands of tons of domestic scrap steel have been transformed into usable cast products by the HOE foundry. Another aspect of sustainability is regional sourcing. The United States Green Building Council (USGBC) issues LEED credits for products sourced with 500 miles of the end user. Regional sourcing lowers the overall environmental impact.


Production Capability Overview

Production Area:

21,000 square feet

Casting Size:

1-2400 lbs.

Casting Specs:

Gray IronASTM - A48
Class 25-40
Ductile IronASTM - A536
Grades: 60-40-18




Electric induction with in-process metallurgical controls.

Molding / Core making:Green Sand

Semi-automatic:From 30” x 34” to 26” x 54”

Custom floor:To 4’-0” to 8’-0”

Air set:Loop system for custom molds / production cores


State-of-the-art continuous belt system with primary and secondary shot blast.