Structural Steel Fabrication

AISC Quality:  On Time

J. R. HOE & Sons is an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) certified fabricator of outstanding reputation backed by a strong resume of successfully completed projects.  Its state-of-the-art design software is integrated into computer numerically controlled (CNC) shop fabrication equipment to produce structural steel accurately and efficiently.  Quality is built into the process as HOE strictly follows AISC standards in all facets of engineering and fabrication.

Quality = Safety = Quality

The J.R. HOE & Sons’ workforce makes it happen. They transform the engineered drawings into truckloads of quality produced columns, beams, and bracing ready to build into the specified steel structure.

There is a proven maxim in industry:

SAFETY-FOCUSED workforce is a QUALITY-FOCUSED workforce, and vice versa!

FACT 1:   In September 2009 the J. R. HOE workforce completed its 5th year with -0- lost time injuries.

FACT 2:   In July 2010 J. R. HOE & Sons became one of the few fabrication facilities in the region to achieve AISC Certification.


"Extra-Ordinary" Fabrication

Many buildings are designed as ordinary square/rectangular structures with uniformly spaced columns and flat roof, but in today’s market many do not fit that description. There are many “Extra-Ordinary” architectural designs that offer a much more complex challenge to the fabricator.  Look through some recent projects by HOE and you will find arched roof trusses, cantilevered canopies, current beam curved beam guiderails. . .and more.

J. R. HOE & Sons specializes in "Extra-Ordinary Fabrication."

The Value of Partnership

J. R. HOE & Sons considers itself a vital partner on each project. Strong lines of communication are developed with the construction project management so that the customer's needs are understood and met.  HOE offers technical back-up through its in-house engineering team, an AISC quality-focused production workforce, plus a strong and responsive supplier network.

For projects geared toward LEED certification, HOE can provide background documentation for the recycled content (4.1/4/2) of its regionally-sourced (5.1/5.2) steel that may cover up to four LEED credits.