Industrial Castings

J. R. HOE & Sons produces quality gray and ductile iron castings in a diverse range of sizes, weights, and configurations. Poured casting weights range from 1 to 2400 pounds. Production sizes range from 18 to 48 square in semi-automated molding up to 8 ft. square with custom floor molds. In offering full capability in-house coremaking, castings of unique design and configuration are produced. The HOE Flexible Manufacturing System allows for short run orders to be blended with large volume production runs to meet the customer demand.

Consistent Quality --- Always

Whether the casting is small or large or whether the order quantity is one or one thousand, QUALITY always comes first at HOE. An ISO compatible quality management system is utilized to see that uniformity is maintained from incoming raw materials through the melt/mold/finishing processes until final shipment. Castings are closely inspected post-production and again before shipment to guarantee quality with every load. HOE is a proud supplier to many manufacturers that incorporate our castings into their machinery which is then shipped around the globe. Below are samples of some quality gray and ductile iron manufactured by HOE:

Brake Connector Castings
Class 30 Gray Iron 420 lbs

Aluminum Bath Stir Plate
Ductile Iron - 695 lbs

Ductile Iron Impellors - 12 lbs each

Machine Frame Side Casting
Class 40 Gray Iron - 190 lbs